The AGCO Future Farm has been renamed in honor of AGCO’s outgoing President and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Richenhagen. This is in appreciation of his vision to drastically transform the agricultural sector in Africa.

The AGCO Future Farm has been renamed in honor of AGCO Corporation’s long-tenured chairman, president and CEO set to retire December 31, 2020. This is in appreciation of his vision to transform the agricultural sector in Africa.

The Future Farm launched in 2015 is one of the continuing legacies of Mr. Richenhagen in Africa that include: the opening of AGCO Africa headquarters in Johannesburg; introduction of the Farm in a Box, investment in a parts warehouse facility and launching of the AGCO Agribusiness Qualification programme.

AGCO Future Farm aims to empower the next-generation of farmers, distributors and agripreneurs with the business skills and agricultural knowledge to build a more prosperous Africa. The second phase of the Future Farm announced in 2019 comprises of facilities and amenities aimed at fostering learning and spearheading community development around the future farm.

Future farm Facilities. From Top Left (Martin Richenhagen Future farm- Canteen, Conference hall, Classroom, student accomodation, teambuilding area, workshop)

The Future farm is continuously making knowledge accessible to all farmers, even those in remote areas through the digitisation of the mechanisation and agronomy training material in addition to off-site and in-classroom training.

AGCO will continue its commitment to the growth and success of the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm in line with its objective to be a catalyst in the development of a sustainable and prosperous agricultural industry across the continent, with innovative solutions built around the needs of African farmers

“We are excited about the impact the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm will have on revolutionizing farming in Africa. We believe the Richenhagen legacy will continue to produce highly skilled, knowledgeable farmers who can contribute to the growth of sustainable agriculture in Africa,” says Kalongo Chitengi, Senior Manager AGCO Zambia.

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