On the 13th of October, 2023, Prof. Martin Richenhagen visited the future farm in Zambia. This was his first visit to the farm since its renaming in his honour. Prof Richenhagen officially unveiled the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm in a colourful ceremony witnessed by key stakeholders representing the farming community, private sector, government institutions and academia. 

The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm, formerly AGCO Future Farm, was developed when Prof. Richenhagen was the CEO and president of AGCO Corporation. The farm aimed to impact and empower African farmers through increased access to modern agriculture solutions by educating people on modern farming techniques. Today, the Future Farm team continues to empower local communities, helping people develop sustainable food production systems and increasing productivity. 

During his visit, Prof. Richenhagen met MRFF partners and stakeholders over dinner as they were treated to a warm reception by Makishi traditional dancers.

Beneficiaries of various projects implemented by the Future farm highlighted project milestones and expressed gratitude for the support in implementing agriculture and livelihood improvement projects. In the speeches shared, it was evident that Future Farm continues to positively impact Zambia’s farming sector through training and demonstrations of best practices.

Prof. Richenhagen stayed on the farm and in the executive cottage facility, constructed as part of the farm’s Phase 2 infrastructure development. He also inspected the infrastructure of the Phase 2 upgrade, toured the facility and met with the Future Farm staff at the training centre.

He ended his trip to Zambia by heading to Chaminuka for lunch and a game drive before flying out to Atlanta, Georgia.


Read more about the future farm and its facilities here.

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