Future Farm’s General Manager champions the role of Women in Agriculture.

Published: 02/12/2020

Kalongo Chitengi, General Manager at AGCO Future Farm, Zambia
Kalongo Chitengi

As the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm General Manager, Kalongo Chitengi is responsible for managing day to day activity on the farm and overseeing the multi-million dollar phase 2 developments to the site, which are currently underway. 

More recently, in celebration of International Women’s Day, Kalongo has been publicly championing the essential role of Women in Agriculture. Kalongo is very passionate about addressing the gender gap in African Agriculture and has shared her thoughts on the vital and commonly overlooked role that women play in the sector. In many of her interviews she discussed how the landscape of the sector must and is changing for female farmers and how this is essential for the economic growth of Africa. 

Within her online pieces and an interview on the POWER Business podcast with Tumisang Ndlova on “Women’s participation in Agriculture”, Kalongo discussed how the Future Farm Zambia is giving women access to education in agronomy and mechanisation, enabling them to develop their skills and have an increasingly powerful impact in the sector. 



Kalongo had articles featured on all of the following websites as part of her contribution to International Women’s Day content: Global Diaspora News, ProAgri, AFRICA AGRIBUSINESS, Agri Orbit, AFRICASCIENCE News and Invest Advocate.

The Future Farm training team are very passionate about upskilling women in rural agriculture either on the Future Farm or via community roadshows that they started this year. During these roadshows the training team travel to the rural communities to provide some of the training. These roadshows were particularly well received by the women in the communities.

As a woman in agriculture herself, Kalongo has a PhD, an MBA and even a book to her name! Her experience is proving to be invaluable for the continued development and positive impact of the Future Farm Zambia and her passion for developing the role of women in the industry is formidable.

Ultimately, as Kalongo said in many of her articles –

“It is important to remember that when Africa’s female farmers thrive, everyone benefits. The women themselves, the children they care for, the communities they feed & the economies to which they contribute.”

On the Future Farm Zambia, we will do everything we can to encourage aspiring female farmers across Africa to develop their skills and reach their potential within an ever-developing landscape of Agriculture.



Kalongo Chitengi

General Manager

Kalongo joined the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm as General Manager in March 2019 tasked with managing day to day farm activity and overseeing the Phase 2 developments of the site. Kalongo is passionate about the environment, infrastructure development and rural communities and has over 25 years experience in senior management for the private sector, state enterprises and non-governmental organisations. Kalongo is working towards a PhD, and has an MBA and even a book to her name – her experience is proving to be invaluable for the continued development and impact of the Future Farm.