Helping Farmers through COVID-19 with Farm Virtual Field Day 2020

Virtual Farming event through COVID-19

How to make the most of farming through COVID-19.
With restrictions on physical interactions, here at AGCO future farm we continue to devise ways to support farmers, key custodians of food security in the wake of this crisis.

However, As movements across borders are restricted, it is imperative that nations optimise their food production systems to ensure populations have access to nutritious foods critical to boosting the immunity of the people.

In line with our commitment to farmers, Martin Richenhagen Future Farm hosted and participated  in a virtual farmer’s field day on 6th June 2020 to provide remote support and key information on various aspects of farm management and productivity to farmers as the world struggles to contain Covid-19.

Sheila Zulu, our Agronomist and Trainer elaborated on the importance of agronomy training and its support to the farming community.

Peter Lombe, a technical expert, demonstrated how the focus on growing high value crops can result in financial rewarding for farmers as he showcases the vegetable production section of the future farm.

Recognising the need for continuous capacity building across Africa, the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm recently established Future Farm online, a platform that provides online courses ranging from crop establishment to Farm Business Management as Ms Zulu elaborates.

During this time of Covid-19, the Future Farm is offering free online courses for a limited time. Course content to address the needs of various farmer segments are being developed and will be continuously made available on the website.

As AGCO endeavors to provide high tech solutions to farmers feeding the world, the Future Farm continues to provide support both online and offline. As Ms. Zulu laments, “Farming is a business and it should be financially rewarding”.

Martin Richenhagen Future Farm is a training and learning centre set up on an operational  farm situated 15km from the main Kenneth Kaunda international airport along Great East Road, Lusaka, Zambia. This is a place where farmers from all over the world receive hands-on training on various farm enterprises and mechanisation solutions to enable then produce food sustainably and profitably.

The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm presents a variety of support mechanisms for farmers across Africa. The Future farm boasts world-class facilities including accommodation, training facilities and social spaces to enable professionals from across Africa to benefit from technical and hands-on training experience on a working farm.

For more information on how we can help your farm prosper, please contact us.

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