Agriculture and particularly crop production plays a significant role in ensuring food security for the world population. On Thursday 15th April 2021, the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm will host a virtual field event to showcase various aspects of farm production focusing on Massey Ferguson’s product offering that enhances production at the future Farm. In this event attendees will get practical information that they can use to plan or enhance their own operations. 

Attendees will be provided with overview of the cropping trials at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm which address the needs and concerns of commercial farmers, emerging farmers and subsistence farmers. The virtual event will also highlight best agronomic practices and how AGCO machinery solutions facilitates such practices as well as  feature sustainable farm practice that enhance soil health and improvement. 

Virtual Field day highlights

Station 1: Commercial Field

Maize and Soybeans Precision planting trials

This trial shows different aspects that affect successful planting. Farmers will get insight into best planting practices. The trial has 8 treatments all aimed at emphasizing the importance of singulation, planting depth and plant population on crop yield.

Machine/Equipment display: MF 9100 VE Precision Planter , MF 7615 tractor

Station 2: Small Holder Plot

Sun Hemp (Green Fertilizer) demonstration

This trial demonstrates sustainable soil improvement practices and alternative productive crop rotations. Sun Hemp is a green fertilizer / manure which offers farmers many benefits among others: Nitrogen fixation, supressing and reducing root-knot nematodes populations in the soil, cover crop, forage etc. Sun Hemp enables farmers to improve soil nutrient status and cut out about 25% cost on synthetic fertilizers.

Machine/Equipment display: MF 320 Planter 

Station 3: New Arable Field

Pest Management trials – fall army worms

This Trial is aimed at determining the efficacy of using low environmental risk control measures. It compares 3 pest control measures (Conventional control, Pheromone Traps and Biopesticides products, Seed dressing) and seeks to devise sustainable solutions that can help farmers remain productive.

Machine/Equipment display: Farm in a box Package (MF 4708 tractor, 3 tine Ripper, Disc) 

Station 4: Back Field 

Sustainability trials – Long term tillage trials

This trial compares three farming systems for their effect on crop Yield (T1 – Full conventional Tillage,  T2 – Zero Tillage (Direct Planting / No Till), T3 – Strip Tillage (Minimum Tillage). This trial demonstrates techniques that farmers can adopt on their land in order to create sustainable farming systems through resource efficiency by minimizing soil disturbance and building soil health. Yields from all treatments will be compared at harvest. Data for all the following planned crops in rotation will be made available on our website.

  • Maize – 2020/2021 season (Rainfed) 
  • Wheat – 2021 season (Irrigated)
  • Soy bean – 2021/2022 season (Rainfed)

Machine/Equipment display: Strip Till ,Precision Planter MF 9100 VE, MF 7615 Tractor,5 Tine Ripper, Disc

Station 5: Workshop display

Attendees will get a glimpse of the Martin Richenhagen new workshop as well as the machinery & different implements in there. Topics to be covered include: Maintenance, Implements and machinery overview  and Health and Safety for machine operators and  bystanders. 

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