Short Course Programme Module 2: Crop nutrition

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Short Course Programme

Module 2: Crop nutrition

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In this module:

To maximise our yield it is important to have a good understanding of the science behind feeding our plants.

During this module, we will be learning about the different plan nutrients that exist, the roles they play and what can happen when there are deficiencies of certain nutrients.

We will also be exploring what factors must be considered when choosing fertilisers and how to put together fertiliser management programmes.


  • Describe the basic nutritional requirements for crops 
  • Explain the relationship between nutrients, water and yield 
  • Develop nutrition & fertiliser management plans 
  • Apply the right fertiliser at the appropriate rate for a range of crops


Dr Benard Ngwene

Agricultural Advisory Manager, Africa

In defining mechanisation solutions for smallholders and emerging farmers in Africa, Benard is the perfect plant and soil scientist to help improve agricultural practices for the smallholder farmers; helping them to improve their production processes sustainably. Presenting the short course programme, he is delivering high-quality knowledge in agronomy and AGCO-based mechanisation to empower Africa’s next generation of agroentrepreneurs

MO2 - Overview

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