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Our farming resources are shared freely, updated regularly, and designed to help you be more effective in your farm business or agricultural research. The ideas, examples and tips are based on working with many different groups and projects, both as farmers and as trainers.

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FF Zambia: Pest Management study for fall armyworm

Tackling Fall Army Worm at farm level and averting yield loss requires knowledge that addresses other crop production risks.
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Compaction has many forms and causes. Knowing the types and how to avoid them can help prevent losses in yield and ROI.
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FARM TIPS: Types of Soil Compaction

Compaction comes in many forms with many causes, some natural due to interactions of soil type and weather, but most caused by choices in timing,
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A healthy crop in field will yield good revenue for the farmer. But getting the crop off the field and to the market must happen
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Farm tips: Are you Preparing yourself for a high yielding season?

Planting season is fast approaching and farmers have to make crucial decisions on how to recover from last season’s double digit decline in crop harvests.
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Farm tips: Diligent Crop Protection is crucial

Several methods are available to help farmers protect their crops from weeds, diseases and pests, says Dr Benard Ngwene, the agricultural advisory manager for AGCO
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Farm Tips: Crop Nutrition. Feeding your crop properly

You can own all the machinery in the world, but if each planted seed does not receive adequate nutrition to ensure the highest possible yield,
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