Short Course Programme – Module 5: Crop storage

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During this module we will be looking at the factors that influence post-harvest quality of crops and how we can impact this with the use of optimum post-harvest storage environments. We will be exploring how to select such storage environments and we will learn how to describe a range of post-harvest treatments that can also maximize yield quality and minimize losses.


  • Understand which factors influence the quality of crop post-harvest
  • Describe the principles of optimum post-harvest storage environments
  • Select post-harvest storage environments for a range of harvested crops
  • Describe a range of post-harvest treatments that will maximize quality of your yield


Dr Benard Ngwene

Agricultural Advisory Manager, Africa

In defining mechanisation solutions for smallholders and emerging farmers in Africa, Benard is the perfect plant and soil scientist to help improve agricultural practices for the smallholder farmers; helping them to improve their production processes sustainably. Presenting the short course programme, he is delivering high-quality knowledge in agronomy and AGCO-based mechanisation to empower Africa’s next generation of agroentrepreneurs

MO5 - Overview

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