Martin Richenhagen Future Farm collaborates with University of Zambia

AGCO Future Farm at University of Zambia

The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm has continued to provide solutions that contribute to sustainable food production across Africa.

In a bid to multiply impact on young people in the Ag space, the farm is collaborating with the University of Zambia through a two-way partnership that will increase the training opportunities and network base for Future Farm while at the same time enhancing the research base and education opportunities for University of Zambia students.

The Future Farm will provide training and research activities around crop agronomy and mechanisation techniques to students, lecturers and other players in the industry. Various models around cropping and mechanisation will be devised and tested to provide a basis for industry and farming recommendation. Other activities will include arranged tours to provide hands-on experience with the world-leading agricultural solutions for increased productivity and profitability.

This exposure will equip learners with key skills that will spur innovation in farming in Zambia, Africa and beyond. Through joint outreach community programmes, the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm and Zambia University will improve access to information on good agricultural practices, farm business management among other topics.  

This partnership will also result in increased consultancy and advice base for both institutions, internships and placements for students and possible graduate employment through AGCO’s existing relationships with industry partners.

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