INTERNATIONAL GUEST experience at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm

The MARTIN RICHENHAGEN Future farm boasts of world-class facilities.

One of our international guests is currently at the future farm & shares his experience:

My name is John Agboola, I work as a Foundation Project Specialist for AGCO Agriculture Foundation, overseeing projects and programs that cover a holistic approach to the prevention and relief of hunger in Africa and across the globe. I am a passionate global hunger fighter, value chain and mechanization catalyst and a Borlaug-Adesina Fellow. I also see myself as a Pan-African Agripreneur but Nigerian by birth. I’m currently at the Future Farm to support some of the foundation’s ongoing projects. One of the project is the newly launched project by the AGCO Agriculture Foundation is the ‘Enhanced Local Capacity for Sustainable Poultry Production Project’ in Zambia. The project will be implemented in partnership with the Self Help Africa (SHA) team in Zambia.

This project aims to contribute to enhanced food, income and nutrition security of smallholder farming communities in the Chongwe district area of Zambia. While working from the Future Farm office in Lusaka, I will be able to travel to remote areas of Chongwe district, work with the team on the farm and the project implementing partners to provide support systems on the project.

In my opinion, the Future Farm facilities are one of the most advanced agricultural and training facilities in Africa. My first impression when I arrived here was simply WOW! I really like the architectural designs, structures and apartments at the future farm. It is up to global standard and allows for comfort, relaxation and personal reflection. The environment is very serene with many trees, tree canopies and green manicured lawns . Personally, my 1 bedroom apartment is situated at a location where I’m really happy to get a good view of the sunset – it’s really beautiful. The office building is also nicely situated at a strategic position to allow for site seeing of the daily farming/field activities at the Farm-in-a-Box centre of the farm.

My experience so far has been very fantastic. The farm is really an amazing place to think, reflect, interact with nature and work in a conductive and healthy atmosphere. The Future Farm staff and senior management are very lovely and friendly people. Most importantly, the community people are very interactive and accommodative. I have been joining the future farm community to train and play football during weekends and it’s really exciting to see how the community is united and very accommodative to everyone.

It was also exciting to have my first-ever Zambia Independence Day celebration with the Future Farm community where I learnt about the Zambia culture, dance and mouth-watering food. It was such a glorious and fun celebration and I say again, Happy 56th Independence Day Zambia. I see my stay on the farm as a good avenue to continue to learn, grow and build strong network.

I would say, my first impression of the farming operations and activities being carried out at the Future Farm, makes farming activities look very attractive, exciting, fashionable and prosperity-driven. On the facilities and infrastructure side, I can say these are indeed very advanced training centres, equipped with everything needed to make farming and learning exciting for anyone. 

The staff and student accommodations, conference hall, community centre, meeting rooms and Insaka structures are well constructed and much more aligned with the mandate of making the Future Farm the foremost agricultural learning and training centre in Africa. I really look forward to farmers, investors, business personnel, institutions, young agripreneurs and our youth visiting the future farm to see the wonders and beauty of agriculture at its peak.

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