Making the sustainability commitment at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm

Sustainability in organizations should be deeply integrated throughout all functions, operations, and business activities as well as embedded in the company’s core competencies

A common denominator in sustainable organizations is deep integration of
sustainable practices in the functions and business activities of the

To address emerging concerns and improve the social, environmental, and economic performance of Martin Richenhagen Future Farm, we employ Base of the Pyramid strategies to seek social, environmental, and economic benefits for all partners involved.

In addition to providing Training and development opportunities, we continuously identify ways through which we can promote sustainability and demonstrate our commitment to achieving the four pillars of Corporate sustainability i.e. human, social, economic and environmental.

One way in which this commitment is demonstrated is the approach the Future Farm has adopted to tackle the problem of underground water contamination from mismanaged waste around the Future Farm property resulting in the use of expensive water chlorinators and other water purifying interventions.

The Future farm management has chosen more sustainable approaches to waste management to reduce and eliminate ground water contamination. A number of problem resolution strategies have been considered and employed.

One solution has been the construction of a Bioreactor sanitation re-cycling system using natural bacteria to process the sewerage. This has been fitted with a grey water filtration system that will be connected to a segregated tap and sprinkler system for watering the lawns.

The Future Farm management is also in discussions with a partner to set up an Anaerobic System to manage food waste.

At the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm we believe that in making sustainable commitments, we create a bigger purpose for our organization while reducing costs in the supply chain and more importantly drive innovation to support farmers feeding the world

To access reports on waste production and recommendations contact us.

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